Monday, June 26, 2017

My poor blog!

I feel like I have abandoned my blogs!  I've been writing, but I guess not on here or anywhere related to any of my various stand-alone blogs.

I'm still working on turning my house into a variation of a creepy Victorian museum (or as close as I can get in a 1950's boxy style home that used to be a ranch but had a second floor added at some point).

I'm currently TTC baby #4 and hoping that turns out but it's up in the air and it's hard for me to be stoic about that...but I'm trying!  I'm currently eating following the ketogenic plan.

This year's projects include finishing a test knit (which I want to be finished with by the middle of August), a cross stitched tree skirt (needs to be finished sometime in December, preferably at the beginning), and I really want to get the Kipper things all done because at this point Max is really too old for them but I want them done anyway.  I'm also going to be writing another novel and I plan to revise one of the close-to-finished ones and have it published this year.  And I have an illustration project that I'm working on but I'm not sharing details on that.

I have a few mindfulness projects in mind as well, and would ideally like to turn them into courses but I suck at marketing and it's hard for me to figure out how to get those things out there into the world, so I don't know.  But I'm going to work on it because I think that they have potential.

Daily life continues to be a time-suck, as I imagine it is for everyone.  I have my littlest in a drop-in nursery for a few hours a week, and I think that when school starts again that will be fantastic for my writing and creating of all kinds.  As it stands, I spend most of my time knitting because I can do that with distractions, which are constant.

I don't want to make it sound like daily life is a time-suck in a negative way, as I do get a lot of pleasure out of being with my kids and just being.  I just know that I have more to offer and I'd like to have time to get that going on.

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