Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm not having the best day.  I'm trying to do my writing in the hopes that I will feel better afterwards but I'm not optimistic.

I did Nicky's at home play therapy session today so I have the recording for it for the Play Lady to see at our appointment.  He had some interesting things he did, like he said the king was using the door to the castle as a catapult and threw all this food into the castle, and then ate it all and threw up into the dump truck.  Then the garbage truck came and took it all away.

We started laying down the rope for my mom's labyrinth, so that felt like an accomplishment.  We used up the first 50 feet of rope and I'm worried there isn't enough left but I hope there is.

I'm not really overflowing with things to say so I guess this is going to be short.

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