Monday, August 24, 2015


I feel like I must have gotten something last week but I'm not sure.

Tonight I am doing loads of cooking to use up things and make things I can eat all week.  I'm making yogurt in the crock pot, homemade sweetened condensed milk, and will be making those little scrambled eggs in muffin cups mixed with bacon, peppers, and cheese in a little bit.

Tomorrow I'm going to make brown rice pudding, and cream of chicken soup to use as a base for casseroles and stuff.  Right now I have two chicken carcasses boiling away in the stock pot for the chicken part of the cream of chicken soup.

I went to the store tonight to get a dozen eggs, two gallons of milk, a pound of swiss cheese, a pound of cheddar cheese, and a pound of brown rice.  I still have the last of the baby food to get, and two more regular food checks.  And my $18 of produce.  I think we are going to go to the Farmer's market, maybe tomorrow, to use those up.

If my buttermilk hasn't spoiled I'm making another Kentucky Butter Cake.  I'm also baking bread tonight, which uses up another 4 cups of milk.  The cake will use up 4 eggs.

I may start seeing if I can get by for myself with only eating WIC food with just a few extra things...but I'm not sure if I'll keep that up.  I feel like aside from the eggs and the cheese, it is just way too many carbs.  But, of course, it's hard to tell when I'm eating things like cake and bread!  It's not like I'm being very serious about doing low carb.

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