Friday, August 14, 2015

More WIC shopping and baking; creepy part of creepy domestic

I made another one of those Kentucky Butter cakes, to use up eggs.  I also made zucchini muffins, which used up eggs and zucchini.  They are terrific.   It is this recipe, only I didn't put in nutmeg.  I added a bit of allspice instead.  Maybe 1/2 tsp.  My mom doesn't like nutmeg and she loves zucchini muffins.  I also didn't use raisins, and put in pecans instead of walnuts.

This blog really hasn't ever been very creepy.  I am in the process of decorating Helen's nursery and it is nicely creepy.  Also since Halloween is slowly approaching, I'm starting to get prepared for that.  At some point I'll post photos of the things I am working on, but right now I don't have things uploaded into my computer.

Last night I went grocery shopping.  My WIC purchases: 1 gallon of fat-free milk  (this was at Publix and I'm experimenting to see if their fat-free milk foams the way that Kroger's does), 1 lb of split peas, a loaf of Pepperidge Farm very thin whole wheat bread, a pound of sliced cheddar, and a dozen eggs.

Helen has eaten a few more jars of baby food but I still have a ton of the stuff.  She likes everything when it is mixed with custard, but she doesn't seem as  fond of the peaches as she did of the pears and the apple/blueberry.

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