Friday, July 30, 2010

Trying something new

I didn't do my long workout today.  I did the short one, and the back exercises I found yesterday, and then the heating pad.  I also took a Tylenol 4.  Damn, it's fucking me up.  I did eat something, but I am so loopy.  I hope my back doesn't hurt.  It doesn't hurt when I'm sitting down, just when I walk around.  I am enjoying myself at the moment so I'm just going to stay in bed, thank you very much.
My stomach muscles are sore as well.  But that is fine.  The back stuff upsets me.  And I was up a half pound this morning which also makes me mad.  
I know this weight will come off but I don't like being patient about it.  At least I'm being honest with myself this time.  
I was thinking the other day about how even when I like a song on the radio I will switch stations to see if there is something better on.  I don't know why I do that.  It seems like it says something deeper about me but I can't quite phrase it at the moment.  I am surprised I can even type.
Okay, I'm watching a stupid gymnastics movie and it's fun so I'm going back to doing that.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Therapy

I had a good therapy session today.  My back is really sore but I found some exercises that I hope will help with that.  I'm back on my diet and I feel good even though Pierre woke me up super early today and I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night.
I'm going to watch Project Runway tonight and that makes me happy.
I don't have any other news and I'm going to go read to Max.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a pain!

My back is sore.  I think it's from my quads, or hamstrings.  I don't know which.  But I wish it would get better.  I worked out today and will do my yoga shortly.
We had Indian food today which was good.  
Nothing much else to write about.  I've already drunk my water for today so that's good.  And even though I went off plan at lunch I am still happy with myself.
I lost half a pound yesterday.  I am expecting I'll be up tomorrow but oh well.  I won't let it upset me.  After all, I know I was off plan.
Anyway, I'm going to go back on plan tomorrow and that will be that.  Although really I was supposed to get another cream cheese and now I don't have enough.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hoping for no storms

Last night we had a horrible storm, with hail, even!  The power went out which pissed Max off to no end.
SKD texted me this morning to say that they'd already delivered our new video camera but it's not here so I don't know what kind of crack they are smoking.  I wish I could have some. :P
Finally got some progress made on the mystery.
And I flipped the mattress and changed the sheets!  Also washed the mattress pad and the blanket.  The blanket is still drying.
My mom is over and playing with Max.  
My life isn't very exciting.  Not that I want lots of excitement.  That exciting time was all bad stuff and that was no fun at all.
I'm happy for the moment other than the money issues.  I'm glad I'm finally doing something to lose weight and get in shape.  And I am feeling creative and although I'm not doing as much as I'd like, it's a start.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Induction Monday

I started my Atkin's induction today.  But other than my cup of coffee in the morning I had nothing until 3:30 aside from water.  I know that's not good but I wasn't hungry and then I got busy.  I went to the grocery store and got good stuff.  We went to the library and I picked up my books.  
So, I had tuna salad over lettuce and cheese.  It was good but I need to eat something else.  Oh, I worked out, too. 
And that is what I've accomplished today.  I'm very tired now.  I really want to flip the mattress so I'll try to do that soon.
I am losing weight and inches so I'm happy.  I like instant gratification although I know that's not a long lasting recipe for success.  
I think I'll be adding in some yoga because I am so sore right now.  And I know it's muscle tightness.  I think the yoga will help with that and it's not like it's very intensive.
Okay, I think I'll rest a little bit.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Reading

I just finished reading Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee.  I must say, something about it really struck home for me.  I know it's a teen book but it was so good!  I think I will put it on my wish list.  
Max is napping and SKD is at Office Depot or somewhere.  I think he's using his store credit that he got back from the broken printer.  He's mad that it was on a gift card.  I agree.  And I also think they should refund the full purchase price including tax.  
My mom likes the house they went to look at today but I'm guessing they probably won't end up getting it. I think they should.
I want to make some money.  Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my hold book at the library and now I have two other books to return, and I have a few to return and then check back out again.
I am way behind on my water again.  
I should probably go eat something.  I am kind of hungry but not really.  I don't want to wait too long and then starve and eat a ton, though.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Target: Saturday

Today we went to Target.  Also a rummage sale at the APL (Animal Protection League).  We got some stuff for Max and also a rug!  I don't know yet which room I'll put it in.
Then this afternoon during Max's nap my mom, Natalee, and I went to Target.  I got the white t-shirt for tie dyeing, and also the little Beatles shirt which rocks!  And some Thomas sunglasses.  And some of that Falsies mascara so we'll see about that.  And more of the PF Chang's Broccoli Beef!  I love that stuff.  
After that we went to get ice cream so so much for induction today but I will not beat myself up.  I was down two pounds this morning which is good.
I'm way behind on my water so far today but I'll catch up.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I overslept this morning.  Max was late to school.  He was sad when I left.  I am kind of out of sorts.  I did manage to work out.  And I had my coffee so that is good.
I'm not sure what else is on the agenda today.  My mom didn't come this morning so I don't know what plans we have later on.
I want to do something productive but I don't know in what way.  I will work on it.  
I am going to go through some more magazines and maybe I'll get around to flipping the mattress and changing the sheets.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giant Squid Thursday

I finally finished up my Giant Squid Hat that I'm sending off to be auctioned for charity.  
I have also worked out today, gone to EarthFare for tomatoes, cheese, and basil (and pie crusts), and looked around for my T Tapp book and other stuff.
After I pick Max up from school we're going to the library so I can pick up my books.
I wish I were losing weight.  And I wish I were losing more inches.  I'm so discouraged.  
I miss Kellogg's Concentrate cereal.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I had piano today. And we went to the grocery store. I am going to try to do lower carb for a little while, see if it helps with my weight loss. I did work out today. My mom came over to watch Max so I could.  I have one more bottle of water to drink and that's good.  My back is still hurting but I am wondering if it's my back getting stronger and the muscles hurting that way instead of a sore back.
I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I did go through some boxes today so that was good.  I think I might actually be making progress!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally no headache!

I did my short workout.  And had leftover ratatouille for lunch.  I think I'm figuring out the motive in my book, and that's good.  I would like to flip the mattress and change the sheets but I'm not sure I'll make it.  My back is still sore.  I don't know why.
I didn't realize that it was so late!  I thought it was after noon instead of after one!  I have to go pick up Max soon.  I don't know why I got confused since I knew my mom left just a little after noon.  Whatever.  My brain isn't working right I guess.
I went through three boxes today so that's a good start.  Of course, I didn't really put everything away, but the pictures are in the bathroom closet ready to be hung up and I found one whole box of books to get rid of.  That's an accomplishment in and of itself.
I'm a little behind on my water, but not much.  I'll make goal.
Tonight I want to get home not too late from dinner in case SKD is feeling amorous.
I wish I could find all my T-Tapp stuff.  I'm annoyed that I don't know where anything is in all these boxes.  But I'll figure it out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Four months until my birthday

So I have four months until my birthday.  I didn't get a lot accomplished in the first two months of my six months until my birthday event, so let's see how much I can get done in the next four.  
I worked out today even though I had a horrible headache and back ache.  The back ache is mostly gone, as is the headache, but I can't tell if they'll stay gone.
I know the headache is related to not drinking enough water.  I don't know what the back ache is related to.  Maybe not exercising yesterday.  But I don't think so.
Anyway, I've done stuff today.  I wrote my morning pages, moved stuff around in the "nursery," worked out, went to Earth Fare, and am on target so far for my water.
I've also taken a shower.  I am not dressed yet but I have some time yet before I have to get Max.  Then maybe we'll go over to my mom's so he and Natalee can play in the pool together.
I don't know if my SKD is coming home today or not.  I think he is, but I don't know when to expect him.
I hope I stop feeling crappy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday at the zoo

My mom, Max, and I went to the zoo this morning.  We rode on the tram back and forth between the zoo and the botanical gardens twice, then went to the aquarium stuff, saw the alligator, zebras, giraffes, elephants, lemurs, and bears.  Max fed the giraffe some dropped lettuce from another kid, and then nonchalantly walked away.  Completely unimpressed that he had just fed a giraffe.
SKD is on his way to Atlanta, or possibly is there by now.  Well, probably not because he always stops so many times.
I took a nap while Max did and then just finished cleaning out the fridge.  Yuck!  I hate doing that so I will make more of an effort to not let it get like that.
I also want to work out but I guess I'll be doing that while Max is in bed because he doesn't like for me to exercise for some reason.
I want to do the long workout four times a week, ideally Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  This time I'll be doing the long workout three days in a row in order to get on that schedule but that's okay.
I'm not in a great mood but I still want to get stuff accomplished.

Saturday in Wonderland

SKD and I finally watched "Alice in Wonderland" last night which I really liked.  He thought it was too confusing and not for children, but I didn't think it was supposed to be for children.
Max finally had his poop, so that was a relief.  He also took a bath.  
I took a long nap and didn't do much else.  Including write, obviously.
I did work out so that was good.  
Short post for an uneventful day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday is for bleeding

My period is very early.  I don't really care.  This way I can start trying again this much sooner.  I just wish we weren't having so much trouble.
Max didn't want to go to school today.  I told him he had fun at school and he told me he didn't like fun.  He also said he is not a kid, he is a boy.
We went to the Friends of the Library sale today and I got an Uncle Wiggly book and also a hardback copy of The Godfather.  I am trying to get hardcover copies of all my annual reads, I think.  So far I have all the Jane Austens and also Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders.  I was hoping to find a copy of East of Eden, but no such luck.  I love that book.  I have a paperback of it but I think it's falling apart.
I am terribly thirsty.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday is for the found

My friend's husband came home!  He's in the hospital now and I have no idea what happened to him.  I hope he'll be okay.  He's got kidney failure and other injuries, and has been in and out of consciousness.  It's been such a strange story!
I think I'm going to do that Project Sketchbook thing.  My mom is worried it will spread me too thin but I want to do it.
I did the 15 minute workout today and am boiling peanuts in the crock pot.
In a little bit Max and I will go to my mom's and the library so Max can get his medal for reading 15 books.  Well, having books read to him.  He's not reading yet, as he would say.
He was cranky at school but while we were walking down the hall he said he had fun at circle time, so that was nice.
My mom is sort of getting my house in order which is nice.  I want to make it a home even though I know we probably won't be staying here.  I have trouble with that.  I don't like to make the effort for transient places.
I was hungry earlier and now I'm not again.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday is for the missing

I have a friend whose husband is missing.  I don't think he just up and left her even though I guess that's what the police think.  He never showed up for work on Monday and he didn't call in, either--he's worked there for ten years.  She got a text from him around noon that, day, just a few minutes before the phone was powered off, and the text was just "LOL" in response to a joke text from her.
This is haunting me.  I first heard about it on Monday but it's all I could think about yesterday and it's been consuming my thoughts today as well.
I am in a really bad mood.  She's not a really close friend but I hate that she's having to go through this and I'm really tempted to go to Atlanta to see if there's anything I can do, even though that's just kind of silly.
I hope there is some news soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post for Tuesday

Today I got replacement library cards for Max and me.  They have ones you can put on your key ring now which is cool but I don't put things on my key ring.  But I like the option.
Max didn't want to go to school today but he was fine when we got there.  He is in a good mood I think.  
I went to my mom's for coffee and I'm not sure it was caffeinated.  I am so tired.  I will have to do at least a 15 minute workout.  I feel bad for not having started up with Pierre's walks again yet.
I was doing that "I write like" thing that is going around and it looks like Margaret Atwood is the only woman?  What is up with that?  
I've been reading a biography of Louisa May Alcott.  
I'm currently watching one of those America's Next Top Model marathons.  What a way to spend my day.
Athey's former teacher came over this morning and we talked about her Mother-of-the-Groom dress.  She had asked me to make her one but she found one in a catalog so she's just going to order that one.  It was nice to see her.
I wish I felt more creative.

Post for Monday

I forgot to post yesterday.  Max went to school like a little lamb, and didn't even really want to come home when I went to pick him up.  
We had dinner at my mom's and gave him the Percy we ordered that arrived while we were out of town.
I also got my driver's license replaced and also handed the stuff in at the credit union and hopefully got my new debit card ordered.
I worked out as well.  That is something I haven't done today and I am feeling out of sorts but don't know if I will work out or not.  I want to sort of but not really.
That's yesterday.  I'll post again for today.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back Home

So we stopped in Saluda on the way home to see Eleanor and her mom and son.  It was nice to see them and her dog seemed to remember me and came over for a pat.  I felt special since he is quite shy.
Last night I made an awesome quiche out of leftovers.  Cooked one onion until it was very done, then added 4-5 cloves of garlic and one very well chopped up seeded tomato.  Cooked the tomato all the liquid was gone.  In the egg mixture (next time I will use three eggs but this time I used four) I put a 1 inch square of chopped up good bleu cheese, 1 cup of half and half, some Italian seasoning, and two tablespoons of coarse ground mustard.  Also about 5 oz. of shredded swiss cheese and the rest of the package of mexican blend shredded cheese.  Poured it all into the pie crust and baked it for 35 minutes.  It is so fantastic.  Next time I would use more tomato but not a whole lot more.  Otherwise I was quite impressed.
Right now I'm watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family even though I have them all on dvd.
I think I lost 5 pounds this week but that just seems too incredible.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Saturday

Today we took Max to the train society little museum at the old train depot in Hendersonville.  He had a great time.  It was a neat model train exhibit.  
I did manage to work out and we're trying to eat up the food that's left.  Right now I'm trying to think of something to do with the leftover onion, tomato, and eggs.  We have cheese as well, and if I were inspired, a pie crust.  I don't know that I want to make another quiche though since there's no way to eat it all before we leave.  But it sounds like it might be good.  It seems like I should be able to come up with something but I have to clean the egg spillage from the last quiche before I do anything in the oven.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night

So my friend Eleanor came today and it was so nice to catch up.  She came by herself so we may stop by her parents' house on Sunday on our way home to see them and also see her son.  
Max was constipated and not so friendly.  Finally tonight that issue was resolved, so that's good.  He is so much happier now, and spent a good thirty minutes racing around the kitchen and living room.  I'm so glad he's a happy boy again.  He said he wanted to be friends with Mommy tonight.
I had more leftover chili, this time over pasta.  There is still a little bit left.  Maybe it will be like nachos tomorrow night.  
I did a fifteen minute workout and that's fine.  I'm glad I did something because that makes me feel like I will be able to work out every day.
I'm still stuck in my book but I'll figure it out.  

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Thursday

We went into Hendersonville today and I got some stuff at Mast General and we had coffee at Black Bear which is this coffee shop we used to go to years and years ago.
We went into a toy store with Max and he once again threw a tantrum about leaving the Thomas train table.  He didn't really want any of the trains but he was having too much fun playing.
We then went to a bakery and got lots of stuff and then went to Ingles for a few more groceries.
I still need to work out and I am so tired now that I don't feel like it but I'm going to anyway.
Then maybe I'll eat leftover ratatouille for lunch and then write.  I'm making quiche for dinner.  Yum yum. I am a good cook.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have been working out and did a lot better with my water yesterday.  I'm tired right now but I don't really want to take a nap.  I'm trying to work on my book and I did more spinning but that's not exactly how I like it.  But it's okay.  I wish I could make my spindle work more satisfactorily.
We still haven't left the house which is fine with me but I think we might go to the Fresh Market today for bread, ice cream, and yogurt.  Maybe some chips as well.  
I'm trying to just take it easy and still do the stuff that I want.  And feel like I had a productive time.  I don't want to go home feeling all depressed and worried.  I do feel worried but I'm trying to keep a positive spin on things.  I don't do well with that because it's not in my nature.
This is all very low key and I like that.  I wonder how I can feel like this in my own house.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Vacation

Well, I managed to do a lot of different things yesterday but not a lot on the different things.  I read a little bit, tried to spin a little bit, and wrote a little bit.
I did get in a full workout and cooked a full meal.
Today I have worked out, looked up stuff on spinning, and done well so far with my vitamins and water.  Max is napping and I'm planning on writing more although I don't know how to get into this book I'm working on.  It's not coming easily for me and that's frustrating.  It's a good idea but I don't know how to implement it.
Maybe I'll try going at it a different way, although I don't know what that way will be.
Tonight we're having leftovers so no cooking.  And I have no headache today!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, I have gotten a lot done.  My friend Eleanor is coming up to Saluda this week so we'll be able to see her which is exciting.  She called today to tell me they were thinking about driving to Columbia to visit, but now she doesn't have to.  They might come see us here.
I did work out, and I have a headache again but that is being remedied.  I have written a little but not enough, and am cooking dinner again.  I had my yogurt and raspberries, delicious.
Max is playing outside with his Nana.  I wish my grandparents were still alive to see him.  I regret that I never made SKD go up to meet my Nana.  She was the best!  
I wish I wouldn't dream about being pregnant when I am not.  It's disappointing when I wake up.
I dreamed about the massage chair as well.  Only it turned into a regular massage chair, only with wrist restraints.  I was amused by this in my dream, as well as when I woke up.
All right, time to check on the pasta water and ratatouille.

Fourth After the Fact

I forgot to write yesterday.  Someone stole my wallet, then we drove up to North Carolina, and then I had a raging headache.
The wallet was stolen either Friday or Saturday.  They used my debit card a lot, but everything has been cancelled now and I'll talk to the bank tomorrow about getting the charges reversed.
I'm pissed but not devastated.  It's an inconvenience but not a tragedy.
I'm loving this house up here.  Some of it is a bit tacky but the furniture and most of the art is nice.  I would like my house to feel like this.  If I tried I could do it, I think.
Max loves the play equipment.
I didn't call SKD last night because I had such a caffeine headache.  A Percoset last night and coffee this morning has made me feel okay again, so that's good.
I am sorry they don't have a piano here but that's not something I expect from a vacation home.
Hopefully I'll get some practice spinning in today in addition to my writing and exercise.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We went blueberry picking today.  The weather was perfect and the blueberries were great and Max had a lot of fun.  I took a long nap and so did he.  Otherwise I've been spending my time trying to figure something out with my book and downloading Renegade Soundwave stuff.  
I will be eating the last two pieces of leftover pizza once Max goes to bed.  And I want to make yogurt tonight to take on the trip.
I have done some laundry so that's good, and I have one more load to do and that will be it, I think.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Today at Becky's we made photograms.  I wasn't impressed with mine but they were okay.  It was fun and I'd like to do something different and take some more time with it.
I am still feeling all sick.  It's like I'm pregnant but I'm not.
I have to go pay the rent and then go get Max.  I think we're going to the main library today which will be fun.
I had fun at dinner with Athey last night.
I hope that I stop feeling like this.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New beginnings

So I've decided to work on two books this month.  One is a new novel and one is the one I'm revising.  I got my proof in but I don't think I'll be getting a free one so I'll have time to do some revisions.
Foreclosure has been suspended for 60 days, so that's a relief.
Tonight I'm going out to dinner with my sister.  Cheese salad and pizza, maybe some beer too!  I'm looking forward to it.  Today we were cracking each other up.  That's hawt.  I can't remember what else was funny, but I think something at Lowe's.
I got another peely face masque that I hope is really a peel off one, but if it's not that's okay.  Also some alpha-hydroxy cream.  
I'm going to go get some more water and work on my books some more.  I love writing and want to keep the momentum going with no outside deadlines as incentive, but that's not easy.